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Frequently Asked Questions
What if I don't have the bricks listed for a design?
It is okay to combine smaller bricks to make the size you need.  For example, if you need a 1x4 brick, you can use two 1x2 bricks.

It is also okay to use a different color.
What bricks do I need if I want to build and keep nice versions of each of the models?
If you want to keep all 16 of the designs without taking them apart, you will need the following bricks:
23— 1x1
8— 1x2
9— 1x3
9— 1x4
3— 1x6
3— 1x8
19— 1x1
5— 1x2
1— 1x4
5— 1x6
2— 1x8
8— 1x1
21— 1x2
27— 1x3
12— 1x4
5— 1x6
8— 1x1
22— 1x2
12— 1x3
5— 1x4
1— 1x6
11— 1x1
4— 1x2
15— 1x1
32— 1x2
1— 1x3
7— 1x4
6— 1x1
3— 1x2
4— 1x3
3— 1x4
1— 1x6
3— 1x8
6— 1x2
22— 1x1
25— 1x2
16— 1x3
4— 1x4
2— 1x6
28— 1x1
24— 1x2
29— 1x3
2— 1x4
3— 1x6
3— 1x8
How do I report a bug or make a suggestion for improving Brick Build?
Send us email or complete our feedback form.  Before reporting a bug, please check the other questions and answers on this page.
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